Rock! In LA! Tuesdays!

If you are like my friend Travis, you are endlessly annoyed that there are very very very very very very few bars in LA where you can go and hang out and have them actually play good music and the crowd not total suck. If you are like me you get annoyed by that but don’t do anything about it. Travis decided he’d had enough and hooked up with the folks at Bar Lubitsch (7702 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046 [map] – 323.654.1234) and starting Tuesday he’ll be DJing (with some friends) and promises to make sure the soundtrack suck much less than everywhere else. Also, no cover, no list, no bullshit. Sounds perfect actually. Here’s what he wrote me about what he’ll be playing:

You’ll hear everything from from The Beatles to Iggy Pop to Two Lone Swordsmen to BRMC to Broadcast to Black Sabbath to Captain Beefheart to Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Jackson 5 to Black Flag to Pulp to The Faces to Bikini Kill to The Stone Roses to Funkadelic to Jesus & Mary Chain to Frank Black to Gang of Four to Shocking Blue to Roky Erickson to The Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan to James Gang to The Velvet Underground to Neil Young to Neil Diamond to Bad Brains to Depeche Mode to Howlin’ Wolf to Ike & Tina to Primal Scream to The Gun Club to Gary Glitter to Grand Funk Railroad to The Stooges to Kaleidoscope to Willie Williams to The Doors to  The Happy Mondays to Dinosaur Jr to Blackstrap to  Blur to Woody to Oasis to The Creation to Led Zeppelin to Spacemen 3 to Joy Division to CCR to The Verve to Jane’s Addiction to Kasabian to Lou Reed to James to Flipper to PIL to Kraftwerk to Flying Burrito Brothers to Mudhoney to CSNY to The Jam to Circle Jerks to James Brown to The Clash to…. basically if it has a guitar and it’s good we’ll play it.

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