Monday Bullets: Babies, Bikes, and Babes

  • skates.jpgCentral City East gives us a first-hand account of the efforts to get babies off Skid Row. Yeah. Babies. Go ahead and keep bitching about the price of gas and stamps.
  • Kareem waxes nostalgic about winning the MVP, gives his thoughts on Kobe, and announces that he is leaving the L.A. Times Blogging Empire to play solo.
  • Well Above Average entertains her visiting brother for the weekend by taking him to Burbank. Finds out how friggin’ cold The Tonight Show studio really is.
  • Blogdowntown breaks down Bike to Work Week. Leave your SUV at home and ride a bike. Even though your bike lane, should it even exist, is probably dumb.
  • And Mickipedia wants to be a Derby Doll. With the help of Twitter, she raises $458 for skates in just over 48 hours. Tube socks are the new black.

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