4 thoughts on “KNBC picks up the bikes on the freeway story”

  1. I had to laugh. They must be a little slow on the uptake.

    The other part that made me laugh is “…might be ticketed”. What the CHP will be on bicycles too? That’s the only way they will be able to persue and ticket as the free is gridlocked when they pull those stunts.

  2. The original one is still online in this post but I suspect the raw footage that was posted of the second one was pulled there were 7 cameras and I guess they are editing together something more comprehensive.

  3. PROTEST!!!!! lol

    Though the Militant doesn’t necessarily condone their actions…weren’t they trying to prove a point that you can go much faster on a bike than in a car in rush-hour traffic? KNBC seems to suggest that the riders were folks from the Earth Liberation Front or something. Even if everyone had electric cars, we’d still have horrendous auto traffic.

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