Gimme A Sign

b2ww.jpgSome people ride their bikes on the freeway. I prefer to stand in the street holding mine over my head in celebration not only that it’s the first night of Bike To Work Week, but that the city finally found something useful to do with these signs (or in this case at least the one on Vermont Avenue south of Adams; click to humongify).

P.S. I know the top line of the sign looks like it reads “BIKE I U WUNK,” but part of that is the angle of the cam and part of that is burned out lights.

See you on the streets!

5 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign”

  1. Will, I’d join you but riding the bike down the stairs is gonna wreck my rims. Instead I’ll participate in “ride to the bank and post office day” today.

  2. I did the bike thing yesterday and will the rest of the week. Today, however, I’ve got to get to El Segundo after work, so I’m sticking to the buses and trains for the day.

    jodi, you could always do the Cahuenga Pass section on the subway and bike the rest.

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