64 Worst Bloodmatch: Gang Violence vs. LAUSD

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Today and tomorrow’s “winners” will bring us to the final matchup deciding the absolutely worst thing about L.A., so vote wisely!

Yep. This one is gonna be bloody!

Gang culture is responsible for thousands of deaths and a lower quality of life for countless denizens who live under the fear of violence from thugs who believe that might makes right, and that color and geography determine which side you’re on.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is an institution that for years has forgotten to put students ahead of bureaucracy, effectively making overcrowding classrooms into gangbanger incubators.

Which is worse:

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11 thoughts on “64 Worst Bloodmatch: Gang Violence vs. LAUSD”

  1. That is easy. Gang Violence is self perpetuating absent the real opportunities of a solid education. Fund LAUSD, give these kids an engaging education with real possibilities for their future and I’d be willing to bet gang enrollment would drop.

  2. This is pretty much a perfect matchup, since each scourge is systematically ruining the future of a good percentage of young Angelenos.

    In fact, they’re so close, I’d be unable to vote but for the fact that gang violence does mortal damage, while the LAUSD is merely condemning some of its least-helped charges to lifetimes of crushed hopes, blown chances and shattered dreams. Wait – that almost sounds worse.

    No, not quite, I suppose.

    But you have to admit, this pairing is a pretty grim case of kismet.

  3. LAUSD by a long shot.

    I support budget cuts. Why would you give money to something that is underperforming?! I could throw money at a bag of hammers all day long – it’s not going to recite the Pythagreon Theorem.

    PUSD (Pasadena Unified) is pretty bad, too.

    – AP

  4. Just to reiterate, we’re trying to determine the worst thing about LA, not the worst social ill affecting the world.
    Gangs kill, of course, and do damage to neighborhoods, but LAUSD’s poor management may have farther reaching repercussions that influence far more people.

  5. Right on the money, David. The sorry state of the LAUSD is one of the main reasons people like me with kids leave LA — more so than housing costs.

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