Hunt Like an Egyptian: Midnight Madness at Eight Tomorrow

midnight-madness.jpgWhile I make it a rule to avoid movies with the word “wacky” in their tagline, tomorrow I am compelled to make an exception. I am too much of a geek to resist the idea of a movie accompanied by a scavenger hunt on Hollywood Boulevard organized by the Egyptian Theatre. That’s right, the Egyptian is screening purported “cult classic”  Midnight Madness, a film I confess I have never actually heard of, but hey, I hardly have my finger on the pop culture pulse. (MM is, apparently, Michael J. Fox’s first feature film, not that that’s much of a draw for some of us.)  The movie centers around a scavenger hunt, and the Egyptian and The Go Game have combined forces to organize an afternoon scavenger hunt along the boulevard. Teams of eight solve clues, take pictures, and have a generally wacky time. After a dinner break, winners are determined by an applause-o-meter and then the film screens. I’ve got my ticket. You can get yours through Fandango. Leave a comment if you think you might show up. Perhaps we can join forces.

One thought on “Hunt Like an Egyptian: Midnight Madness at Eight Tomorrow”

  1. This is a fantastic film! I love it. Very cheesy, but well worth it. Pee Wee Herman also appears in this film.

    A huge bunch of friends and I screened this film in the late 80s, and then created our own ‘Midnight Madness’. We’d do a clue based treasure hunt (without having to actually bring any items back) every Friday night for a couple of years. It was a lot of fun. Someone would ‘host’ the event, and would be responsible for writing and posting the clues about town. It was a race to see who could complete the hunt first.

    Enjoy the film, it’s a blast!

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