I can haz hardware?

lowes.jpgI have a new coworker who moved from Washington to LA for the job (well, Canoga Park anyway) . The other day she was at the Lowe’s on Topanga Canyon and Victory doing some home improvement shopping when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted what she could swear was a cat slinking through the aisles. Being over extended in the way that one can get in the middle of a state-to-state move and massive life change, she thought she might be seeing things but asked the cashier when she was checking out: “Hey, I thought I might have seen a cat over by the fasteners and hammers, is that possible?” Sure enough, the cashier said, “There are feral cats living here. And doves too.”

¬†I just love that. I think it’s akin to Will’s¬†fondness for le coyote. It really fills me with an inexplicable optimism that in the midst of the overdeveloped Valley there are feral cats living in Lowe’s.

(Kath’s photo of Lowe’s used through a Creative Commons license.)

2 thoughts on “I can haz hardware?”

  1. I used to live not to far from there on Topanga between Owensmouth and Nordhoff and the feral cats were an out of control nuisance when I was there some 20 years ago. No surprise they take over places like Lowe’s as they are very smart critters and shelter is a primal instinct.

  2. Since being a little kid, I’ve always seen LBB’s (Little Brown birds) flying around inside supermarkets and the like. There’s even nests and what not. I mean, it especially makes sense in a supermarket w/the plethora of food lying about.

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