About to bust my $4 cherry

Oh damn, barely a month ago Ruth666 announced her $4 Cherry was busted on a tank of premium.  Now it looks to be my turn.  This gem caught my eye at the corner of Colorado and San Gabriel in Pasadena.  And f#@k it all, the rental I got is a freaking SUV that sucked down a 1/4 tank in less than 50 miles.  I so want my car back.

Pic by me, a click takes you to the flicker page where you can see it really, REALLY big.

5 thoughts on “About to bust my $4 cherry”

  1. That station is always a wee bit on the high side. Try the Rosemead Blvd/Huntington Drive area — there are 3 or so stations down Rosemead in San Gabriel that are consistently a good 10 cents lower than I see in Pasadena or LA.

  2. and I can remember sweating to make it home from LA to Monrovia in our ’63 VW with the $1.00 I had put in…btw….there was still plently left! Sh t does that date me!

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