Robert Nudelman, Hollywood historian, passes away

Robert Nudelman, a man whose name is synonymous with Hollywood historic preservation efforts, has passed away.

From Eric Garcetti’s blog:

I’m saddened by the passing of Robert Nudelman, who served as the Director of Preservation Issues for Hollywood Heritage. Robert was a friend and someone with whom I worked closely during the last seven years to ensure that Hollywood’s history would be preserved and celebrated as it entered its second Golden Age.

Robert believed in Hollywood, even during times when few others did. His perseverance helped ensure that the neighborhood’s renaissance became a reality. He will be greatly missed, but his work will remain a part of Hollywood’s enduring history.

UPDATE: Patrick Range McDonald at LA Weekly shares his own memories and thoughts on Nudelman, and believes Robert’s passing will now result in a lower quality of life in Hollywood and beyond:

The death of Robert Nudelman will have a major impact on the future face of Hollywood and, as a result, Los Angeles. In fact, years from now, his passing may be seen as a turning point, when developers and accommodating politicians finally got the upper-hand over community activists in the never-ending battle to demolish much of old Hollywood in favor of a bulkier, more dense, and architecturally-uninspired new Hollywood, with huge traffic problems to boot.

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  1. Whoa, that is really upsetting. He was a great asset to the preservation community and Los Angeles in general.

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