Mid-Week Round-Up

I missed this last week (insert lame-o excuse here) so I’m going to start off with some belated but nonetheless stunning Southern California flora:

poppies by frazgoLate April is prime poppy season, and two of my blogging friends made the journey out into the Poppy Reserve. Allison made the trip with her family and writes about it here, while Chez Shoes enjoyed the trip alone with her Mary-Janes. She writes about it and her other travel plans, here.

Moving along time-wise and from flora to fauna, Will Campbell has been posting more stunning photos of local wildlife. Check out a coyote, a moth, a caterpillar, and this photo-less story about a murder of crows going up against a hawk.

Outside of nature, El Chavo spotted this stunning ironwork on a decidedly non-stunning pick-up, and Creepy LA found a way to show our love of the Dodgers and funeral homes… at the same time!

And for those of you interested in le industrie de film, Peggy Archer talks about the realities of working–and not working.

Photo by frazgo, used with permission.

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