Life imitates art… and sucks.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is the perfect LA movie. As long as you define “perfect” as “grim possible future.” Who can forget the stunning art direction? The bleak, rain-filled streets lit up by mile-high talking billboards?

Well, just in case, Sonny Astani is planning to recreate those billboards in real life. Now you’ll never ever forget. Or escape. Whatever is advertised will probably be burned onto your eyelids forever.

There is a reason that art usually imitates life and not the other way around. There have been harmless examples of ideas co-opted from movies and television (Bubba-Gump Shrimp Company, “the Rachel”), but this? It is fucking stupid, not to mention dangerously distracting.

We’re only eleven and a half years from the dystopic world of Blade Runner. I’m willing to wait.

3 thoughts on “Life imitates art… and sucks.”

  1. Perhaps life is just catching up to what seemed like futuristic art in the past. The first Blade Runnerism I noticed was the noise making walk/don’t walk sign.

  2. I saw this sort of thing in Shanghai last year. Kinda cool when I’m traveling and it’s part of the Shanghai skyline; not so much when it’s in my backyard.

  3. Its better than “Moonvertising”!

    Did you see those billboards announcing the event one night in which the rolling rock logo would be projected onto the moon?


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