Is your child the infamous “El Barto”?

Hello friends! Do you often wake up screaming in the middle of the night? Are you plagued by nightmares that your sweet, innocent pre-teen or teen-teen son or daughter might be out there somewhere practicing their golf swing, strangling animals or (gasp) tagging?!

The sad fact is, they are probably out their doing at least two of those things right now! But how can you tell if they’re committing these heinous acts against society and at the same time avoid open communication with your loved ones? Impossible, you say? Not anymore!

The city of Santa Ana has drawn up a handy illustration (click to biggify) and written up a thorough profile of the typical tagger. Be on the lookout! Keep a watchful eye on the size of your child markers, the pages of their graffiti-practice sketchbooks they stuff into their “art supply” laden backpack and the content of their stencils. These are all items that most children never leave the house without, but some of them are combing them into crime!

Be vigilant! Stop your child before they express themselves without permission!

7 thoughts on “Is your child the infamous “El Barto”?”

  1. I don’t mind when these vandals do murals, but c’mon, you can teach zoo animals to write their name on a wall…that’s not art or self expression…its vandalism.

  2. If only there were some easily search-able resource available to confirm said deja vu…

  3. Some asswipe keeps tagging the phone switch box in front of our apartment building.

    I’ve had to call graffiti abatement three times in the past six months.

    I’m ’bout ready to take the Rudy Giuliani approach.

  4. Taggers are fucking douchebag retards who deserve to be pecked in the face by evil crows.

    Also, it pains me to realize that there are parents out there RIGHT NOW who are unable or unwilling to use the ancient arts of parenting and communication to determine exactly what their kids are up to.

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