I need a witness, please

img_1803detail.jpgI still don’t know why people witnessing an accident don’t stop.  I always stop and give an witness statement when I see an accident.  Always. One would think Karma would kick in when you need a witness, wouldn’t one? 

Accident Facts.  5/6/08 12:45PM. I was stopped NB on Peck Road at the Intersection with Live Oak in the right lane. I was 3rd car back when the BMW pictured slammed me (silver Mercury) after laying down a 15 foot skid.  To add insult to injury he backed up and hit me again shoving me another 5 or so feet.  I don’t know why he did it but he did.  I have no idea what his problem is.  At first I thought he was going to try to flee the scene. 

When our light went green the lady next to me blocked him while I moved to the curb.  She stayed until I got out of my car and could block the guy.  Stupid in hindsight to stand in front of him while dialing 911, but I did have a camera with me and at least grabbed a pic.

I’m pretty immobile right now and need some help.  If you witnessed please drop me a note at frazgo[at] mail dot com.  Thanks so much for your help. 

Now am going back to my fiorecet and flexiril for a nice long nap on a heating pad.

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  1. I feel you. I live in that area and you are lucky they didn’t get away. I got hit around there a few years ago at night and by the time i pulled over they were long gone. Good luck.

  2. Sunofabitch! Glad you had a cam with you and that you emerged unscathed, or at least relatively so.

    I’m not clear. Did he rear-end you? Did the driver flee after the shot you got or is he positing in some way that he was not at fault. Did you call the cops? Did they respond? Too many questions? I’ll shut up then and just hope you’re better quick.

  3. That sucks.
    But as someone who used to always stop to give a statement, I’ll tell you why I quit:
    Freaking nagging lawyers. First phone tag to arrange a time to talk to them, and then in almost every occasion, the lawyers will ask for a statement, and after you give it, they try and get you to restate stuff so that it benefits their client.
    I’ll always stop to see if someone is okay, but have stopped waiting around to give a statement unless its something truly egregious. Thank crappy insurance lawyers for that.

  4. Will…The dude rear ended me twice moving me nearly a full car length from where I was before stopping. The cops came but I have no idea what happend as an ambo took me away. I’m on the mend thx to great drugs and working from home so I can just kick back and rest my back.

    DM…I understand the sentiment. I can tell dealing with crappy pltf atty’s cappers who try to get a beneficial slant on a statement is a pain in the ass. I know insurance company atty’s don’t contact witnesses for statements by the time they show up litigation is in progress and all they do is issue subpoena’s for depos.

    After getting one thank-you from a little old lady years ago I can tell you that made the difference.

  5. WTF? How do you rear end someone TWICE? Here’s a guy that needs to have a code red. This totally pisses me off. Get well, Fraz.

  6. Good golly. Glad you are OK, sorry you’re in pain. I’ve witnessed two accidents that I didn’t stop for — one because I was very, very pregnant and the other because by the time I pulled around the block there were no less than six other witnesses stopped to help.

    I say we all get together and stomp the asshole who hit you.

  7. Oh man! I glad to hear that you’re not too hurt and I hope that they get the person who did that. There’s no call for that kind of nonsense. No call at all.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I don’t understand people who don’t stop to help. I always think one day that will be me and i hope someone helps me.

  9. sorry to hear about your accident…glad to hear you got medication for the pain. I was in a head on collision in Sept, the guy turned in front of me & his insurance company (mercury) still refuses to take accountability….it’s a huge trauma to be in an accident and I can totally relate.

    cold pads also help, my physical therapist started me out w/cold pads that helps loosen the muscles and he also had me on the T.E.N.S., not sure if you are seeing a physical therapist but I really think the cold pads, TENS, and some meditation helped me recover w/i months (i got off the meds w/i a few days).

    not sure if you have filled this form out http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/sr/sr1.htm
    I actually do a lawyer (whose also my friend) working on my case so he took care of a lot of the minor details, which also helped me to focus on recovering

    All the best to your recovery and getting the jackass who hit you.

  10. Shouldn’t you just have the police go after him? Wouldn’t this be a pretty easy hit and run case? I mean, you have his license plate number. Get the feds on this.

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