I Almost Bought a Loft in Downtown L.A.

chapman.jpgDowntown Los Angeles is going to be the crown jewel of L.A. within the next 5 years. She’s walkable, lively, historic and modern all at once. She’s going to make early investors very, very rich.

And she almost broke my heart.

See, the real estate market crapped out, and the train almost came off the tracks. Almost. A year and a half ago, I was looking into the Chapman Flats at 8th & Broadway in the heart of the Historic Core. It’s in the Broadway Theatre District, it has a swanky marble lobby with brass elevator doors, and it’s stumbling distance from Broadway Bar and the 7th Street/Metro Station.

Today, CurbedLA reported the Chapman was going rental. It’s a temporary setback for a community who time has finally arrived. I’m just curious if you or someone you know almost bought in, too. Or did. Or still will. I would have been happy to sign the papers, because I think something amazing is taking place down there. Downtown will still have the last laugh.


2 thoughts on “I Almost Bought a Loft in Downtown L.A.”

  1. I’m curious about what other downtown buildings have units for rent. I’d like to move into downtown LA but buying is not an option. I’m checking out the Chapman now.

  2. We’ve lived in the industrial downtown area since 99. We’ve lol’d at the “for sale” loft prices since 2003. C’mon 400k+ for 700-800 sq ft of apartment w/ a high ceiling calling itself a loft? Jason, give it another year and they’ll be doing a WalMart on “loft” prices.

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