“Crapi” Apartments In West Los Angeles

crapiapartments.jpgI was driving down Overland Avenue and glanced over at this nicely upgraded apartment building — fresh paint, new fences, clean, nice. My glance also caught the sign and I was already to far past it to look again and I thought “It must have said “Capri” like many other funky old apartment buildings in LA” But when I drove by again another day and indeed it says “Crapi.” (Click for bigger…)

I find that hilarious and I hope that they did it on purpose…

8 thoughts on ““Crapi” Apartments In West Los Angeles”

  1. Ha, I’ve been meaning to pass by again and see if I had read that right. Crapi!

  2. That is fantastic! I’m going to assume same owners with great senses of humor. I wonder what these referbs look like inside…

  3. Absolutely Fabulous! What’s the cross street? I think it’s my old neighborhood.

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