A dog in the lap is worth a stop from the cops

dogdriver1.jpgThis is one of those laws that should have been passed, oh, about 100 years ago:


The California Assembly just approved making it a crime – albeit a misdemeanor – punishable by a $35 fine.

Doesn’t matter what district he’s in, this guy has my vote just for introducing the bill, which next heads to the Senate.

Y’ask me, a little $35 parking ticket for piloting an Escalade in heavy rush-hour traffic with Fluffy prancing around your face is like slapping a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound. This crime ought to be right up there with DUI – first offense is a multi-thousand dollar fine, and third time is a jailable felony …
Driving with any live creature in your lap (yes, that is a straight line) impairs your ability to pay attention to the damn road as badly as having guzzled – depending on the vigor of the creature – one to four rum-and-cokes.

(Okay, now cue the howling comments from angry pet lovers whose Preciouses never, ever, ever interfere with their driving. )

7 thoughts on “A dog in the lap is worth a stop from the cops”

  1. You would think common sense would prevail, and this law would not
    be nesscessary, but…. this is L.A.

  2. I love my pet and anybody who drives with one in their lap is an idiot. There should also be some “special circumstances” provision if you cause an accident while Fido is in your lap.

  3. I think in Beverly Hills if you drive with an animal in your lap while smoking with a minor in your car the cops just go straight to guns. Or is it driving with a minor in your lap while your dog smokes? No it’s driving with a minor in your lap whose smoking. No wait, it’s all bullshit. That’s right.

  4. Makes sense. It’s pure physics. If your airbag does go off, Peaches will be instantly turned into a pile of blood, guts and fur. Therefore you would be endangering the livelihood of an animal and PETA will sentence you to the firing squad.

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