Monday Bullets: Cinco de Drinko!


  • Here in Van Nuys talks tacos and trucks. Specifically, how dumb it is to pass a law that will make them drive around and pollute the environment. Will this usher in the age of the Taco Prius?
  • Franklin Avenue travels overseas to the tiny country of Armenia at Brand, and finds a Cheesecake Factory, a Barnes and Noble, and the letter “C.”
  • Boi From Troy reminds us that WeHo wants the subway, too, dammit. They’ve narrowed it down to four possible routes to the Westside, with funding available for none of them. My head hurts.
  • Urban meets Suburban. the latest craze to sweep through Downtown Los Angeles is…… knitting. Don Garza has the scoop on the area’s first Stitch and Bitch, taking place in Chinatown.
  • And Lizlet likes to Twitter about Scientology. She’s starting to worry about writing under her real name. The van is coming for you, SP… The van is coming…

One thought on “Monday Bullets: Cinco de Drinko!”

  1. Oh, I get it! It’s because there’s so many Armenians in Glendale, you made a pun! Oh, racial humor is so hilarious!


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