ICME: Know It All Napkins At Local Eatery

There’s nothing I hate more than a napkin that makes me feel stupid. As luck would have it I’m a little smarter than your average napkin so this rarely an issue. However, the napkins at Don Antonio’s on Pico are not your average napkins, just take a look:


I found that napkin to be full of difficult questions and I’m something of a savant for trivia (I knew 3 of the 7 questions shown). The other side of the napkin was a little easier thanks to the Bullwinkle question but the remaining napkins on the table were even harder. I enjoyed the carnitas but the next time I go to Don Antonio’s I’m asking them to hold the know it all napkins.

Answers to the questions on the smarty pants napkin after the jump, I hope you do better than I did; no cheating.


– Comet Cleanser

-Clint Eastwood

-Dr. Richard Kimble

June 6th 1944 (D-Day) Reader Johnboy points out that the napkin has the episodes confused.  The final episode took place after the war ended, see comments for details.

-The 1984-1985 season, the one where Bobby was dead I believe.

– Boston


15 thoughts on “ICME: Know It All Napkins At Local Eatery”

  1. I only sorta know 3 of those…I’m a bit too young to have watched some of those shows, and none of them are actually interesting to me anyway.

  2. Extra Credit question: what was the time setting for the last Walton’s reunion show?

  3. I know, I know but only because I looked it up so I won’t give it away. While I didn’t know the date I did know that the actor who played Jason Walton also played guitar for Richard Marx’s band if that counts for anything.

  4. The Waltons answer is incorrect. The last episode takes place after the war is over. John-by (now played by another actor than Richard Thomas) comes home from NYC after failing to sell his war novel. Yes, I’m a big fan – but no, I’m not crazy. I don’t believe they were a real family like other people.

  5. Johnboy – I thought that was one of the reunion movies that aired in the early 80’s which are considered separate from the series, but I could be wrong.

  6. Nope. The episode is called “The Revel” and it is the last episode of season nine, prior to when the movies began. The whole last season deals with their return to post WWII life. The movies from the 1980s take the series through 1947 and the movies from the 1990’s time travel from 1963 to 1969. If you want to learn more about the Walton clan visit http://www.the-waltons.com and ejoy.

  7. Thanks Johnboy, that’s excellent information. It looks like that napkin isn’t so smart after all. You’ve not only educated me, you’ve made me feel a little less stupid.

  8. Now if there were any questions about “24” I’d have nailed it.

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