Best headline of the day: Cops Say Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Is Also Shot Twice

Thanks to, for the excellent headline and also the following lede:

And you thought you were having a tough day? Police say a drunken man, who had driven the wrong way down the elevated carpool lanes on the Harbor (110) Freeway, before flipping his car over, was then shot, twice, by another motorist he got into a fight with.

Here’s the gist of what happened…

  1. Drunk driver was was going south in the northbound freeway’s elevated carpool lanes
  2. His car flipped over
  3. He gets gets out of his flipped car and walks down the ramp
  4. He flags down a car that has three people in it asking them for help
  5. The three people refuse to help
  6. Drunk dude reaches into the car to punch one of them
  7. One of the guys in the car shoots the drunk guy twice in the shoulder

Here’s the full story.

5 thoughts on “Best headline of the day: Cops Say Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Is Also Shot Twice”

  1. CBS 2 is making a joke out of it with the “And you thought you were having a tough day?” bit because drunk driving is hilarious. Nice work CBS 2, that’s some sweet journalism there.

  2. In the past three days I’ve seen three separate flipped or completely totaled cars on the 110 in the same short stretch. Did someone grease the freeway and fill it with boozer while weren’t looking?

  3. No, people are just itdiots. I was almost slammed into by some clown
    on Sunset in Silverlake Satuday night, and his car was putting out a smokescreen too.

  4. I still can’t figure out how he ended up going the wrong way on those elevated carpool lanes?

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