Weekend Bullets: Bee invades L.A.!

moratilla.jpgWelcome to LA, Moratilla!

  • Clifford at Asymptotia went to this year’s open house at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Apparently they’re so advanced at JPL that his coverage from last year is worth repeating – and its still cutting edge!
  • Vern at The Hobo Soul profiles a pet groomer who works out of an RV. Her big problem is finding parking – go figure.
  • LAist has launched a new series called LAistory, beginning with a story on Val Verde, “The Black Palm Springs.” Lindsay Williams Ross writes that from 1928 through the 60s, a small Santa Clarita Valley town became a resort community for African Americans.
  • Donna Barstow at Griffith Park, Interrupted writes that the LAFD could have benefitted from water in a now drained Silver Lake reservoir to fight a fire yesterday in Echo Park. She also posts a follow up from a fire department captain that the LAFD is still equipped to handle any emergency, but she remains skeptical.
  • Neil, the perpetual Citizen of the Month, is accepting nominations for the poorest bloggers, most down on their luck bloggers. He’s accepting letters from collection agencies and copies of tax statement as proof.
  • Michael Schneider at Franklin Avenue almost posted about a Los Angeles area Dunkin’ Donuts opening… before realizing he’d only seen it in a dream. For some reason, this reminds me of the bleary eyed “time to make the donuts guy,” only this time saying, “time to write the blog posts.”

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  1. I went to JPL’s Open House too. The work they do and the technology they create made me feel woefully stupid and entirely useless.

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