Iron Man spotted at the Arclight!

Hello friends! We just got back from seeing Iron Man at the spectacular Cineramadome, and boy was it ever! Aside from a lackluster score, it’s easily the best superhero origin movie yet and we highly recommend you hop out to your local movie house and support Marvel Studio’s outstanding entre into the movie business.

It was also fun to see a true Los Angeles-based superhero on screen. Flying around the Santa Monica Pier and attending parties at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Though, his awesome residence in Malibu is just too cool to actually exist and would no doubt be a world-famous architectural landmark if it did indeed sit atop that hill overlooking the ocean.

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Here’s a more ominous angle of the suit. If you read the signs, you’ll discover an amazing fact!

That’s right, on display is the actual Iron Man suit Robert Downey Jr. wore during the filming of the movie!

We really must admit, we are darn impressed at what he was able to pull off in that thing. His performance really comes through the armor and all of the spectacular fighting and flying scenes are just damn impressive to watch.

Upon close inspection, this is clearly the actual suit he wore throughout filming and we are all lucky to be granted the opportunity to get so close to what will no doubt be an iconic artifact of film history for centuries to come.

Also on display, near the front entrance next to the gift shop, is the actual suit worn by Edward Norton in the upcoming Marvel Studio’s production, The Incredible Hulk.

Well done, Arclight.

P.S. Apparently, there’s some kinda extra footage at the end of the credits of Iron Man. We left right when the credits began and we suggest you do the same! Only suckers stay and watch that boring, scrolling text meander up the screen.

4 thoughts on “Iron Man spotted at the Arclight!”

  1. 1. I bought Marvel stock when I heard the first Spiderman movie was going into production. Good move. I sold it before I heard about Iron Man. Bad move.

    2. What, no homoerotic codpiece on Iron Man’s suit? Batman had one. Even George Bush had one when he made that “Mission Accomplished” aircraft carrier landing.

    3. Edward Norton needs a suit for The Incredible Hulk? He’s so method. Did you see him in American History X? He’d probably bulk up and dye his skin green for the role.

  2. The Afghanistan scenes were filmed in the Alabama Hills just outside of Lone Pine.

    I go there about 2-3 times a year…so I recognized the scenery immediately.

    And to second what Julia said….be sure to stay thru the end of the credits, folks

  3. Hey, I think we were there at the same time. I got the same photo – with video to boot! I had no desire to see what I thought would be a boring film. Was I ever wrong. I’m totally smitten with IRONMAN. I actually loved the score. (not including the token 80s hits. blah.)

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