it’s a damn geeky weekend in los angeles

I think this could be the geekiest weekend we’ve had so far this year. Allow me to explain:

  • Iron Man comes out today. I saw a preview screening on Monday, and other than the score (which is absolute crap) the movie is damn near perfect. I think it’s the best comic book movie since Sin City, and blows Transformers and the last two X-Men movies into oblivion. Go see it for the pitch-perfect performances, lead by Robert Downey Junior. io9 says, “Iron Man is the first comic-book movie that’s actually better than its source material. That’s partly because Iron Man is one of the most boring characters in the history of comics, but it’s also because the movie manages to transcend its source.”
  • Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Go to your friendly local comic shop, and load up on piles of free comic books.
  • JPL is having their open house Saturday and Sunday, so after you get your fix of pretend science in the movies, you can get up close and personal with some real science.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Put on your nerd cape and have a great weekend, everyone!

3 thoughts on “it’s a damn geeky weekend in los angeles”

  1. Unsolicited Review #1:

    Iron Man was SUPER GROOVY!

    Even for a girl who’s never read a comic book and had never heard of the character before – Go see it!

  2. Every day in LA is a “nerd day” for us. And as for that nerd cape, come on – everyone knows nerds don’t wear capes. Nerds where bike helmets, laptop bags, blackberries and iPhones. Ok, sometimes, we wear capes… but only when fighting crime and ignorance related to the great City!

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