Get Your Bike On

wolfpackla_1209532349.jpgWhile there’s never a shortage of Bicycle related things going on in LA on the weekends, this weekend seems especially packed with things I actually want to do, though probably won’t be able to attend each and every one. Half to inform and half to try to schedule it out in my head, I thought I’d whip up a little schedule here of just a few of the many things going on.

7:00PM – Santa Monica Critical Mass. I have to say I’m generally not a CM kind of bike rider myself, but there’s been a lot of interesting things going on politically with this ride in the past few months and since Ride Arc is starting near where this is ending it suddenly seems more appealing.
9:00PM – Ride Arc. The thinking man’s Midnight Ridazz as it’s been called. Generally my favorite of the ‘once a month’ rides.

3:00PM – Los Angelopes. Yeah.
11:00PM – Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Dragrace 3. Downtown, 2nd street tunnel. This is going to be amazingly fun.

1:00PM – Screenprint Fundraiser for Aids Life Cycle Team Midnight Ridazz
8:00PM – One Night Kickstand filming. Yeah.

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