LAUSD Teachers Rally Against State Budget Cuts


With the California Governor proposing up to $5 billion in cuts to the education budget, the LAUSD activists are busy working to increase awareness of the issue.

The governor has proposed a 10% cut across the board for all departments and agency in the state—including education. This may be one of the few things LAUSD and UTLA can agree on—cutting education funding is a very bad idea. Also remember: school districts all over California are being affected.

This Sunday, LAUSD teachers will be driving from downtown LA along Sunset Blvd to a middle school in Brentwood near Schwarzenegger’s home. They will be trailed by media and they are sure to be a rowdy bunch, honking and waiving signs.

Support your educators! According to this article in the Mercury News, most people are against cutting the education budget, yet they do not want an increase in taxes. Do the next best thing: call your legislators and representatives and give ’em a piece of your mind.

The teachers’ union has also discussed the possibility of a one-hour strike during the first week of June.

Sunday May 4 3:00 p.m.

Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

Caravan to: Paul Revere Charter Middle School

(Near the Governor’s Brentwood home)

1450 Allenford Ave.

Brentwood CA.

Map of Caravan Route

Find your legislator by zip code

Picture from a Senior Care Center on El Segundo Blvd. in South LA.

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