The Sierra Madre Fire update

UPDATE 4:25PM The evacuation zone has expanded again.  This time into Pasadena east of Michillinda affecting those residents on Skycrest and Park Vista Drive.  The evacuation for those streets in Sierra Madre EAST of Camarillo Street to Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia has been lifted and those residents may return home. 


Since my initial posts a lot has happened and there is some good news out there.  As of about an hour ago the evacuation zone has been expanded.

My friend Kate whom I mentioned in my update late Saturday did in fact wind up having her godson Phillip at her house for the night as he lacked ID to enter the voluntary evacuation area.   A few hours later his Mom Debbie and the rest of the clan wound up at Kate’s home here in Monrovia to ride out the fire. 

Kate and Debbie have been watching the fire from the Eaton Canyon Dam where they can safely observe the fire and see the helicopters refilling at Eaton Canyon Dam.  They have placed a few frantic calls to me when the fire started expanding rapidly and moving downhill around 11AM and again around 2PM.  They are able to report from their vantage point that no homes had been lost yet.

Their request…looky loos stay out of Sierra Madre so fire crews can get in and out as well as help get the newer evacuees out.  Please.

The best blog for most current first hand info is a toss up.  Foothill Cities Blog comments have a lot of first hand information going out.  Crime Scene Blog has experienced reporters keeping very current information posted as well.  Also, Sierra has been updating information constantly for the community.

Tom Leveque with the Arcadia PD, put up a short note on the APOA Blog.  He has left comments that many of the foothill communities are lending police support to help prevent problems in the community not unlike was done in Monrovia when our gang war erupted. 

Blogger 91204 was evacuated from his home early this morning and is unble to blog further.

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  1. I had a great view of 1 plane and 2 helicopter retardant and water drops from the 210 heading home. It was really neat to see. I hope this fire is out before anything bad happens!

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