Monday Bullets: Heat, Homeless & Hitting Gnomes

  • gnome.jpgSha in LA finds that other cities bitch about their Metro, too. They just don’t have as much to gripe about as we do.
  • LA Can’t Drive discovers a new epidemic of dumb in the Valley. People suffering from heat exhaustion are driving around at night without their lights on. In NoHo, we call that Friday.
  • Random Thoughts is approached by a homeless man Downtown, asking for money. When the askee notices that the asker is financially stable enough to be drinking a 40, the answer is no.
  • M-M-M-My Pomona has her neighborhood infiltrated by missionaries who come to the door, but never knock. Perhaps they can sense that she is an SP.
  • And Ginny Here And There believes in the Dodgers and their new ritual. She believes in the Hitting Gnome. Rub me here for hits.