First novel to be released at LA Times Festival of Books

kingdomnuts.jpg  One of the writers here at Metblogs commented a while back something along the lines of “you meet the nicest people when you volunteer”.  For me I am get the added bonus of meeting extremely talented and giving individuals like “Ginger” Enildes Ingels-Van Hook through the Monrovia Art Festival Association.

Ginger is both a talented artist and writer.  She has been doing the MAFA press releases for a couple of years.  What I didn’t know is that she has a passion for story telling and is releasing her first novel at the Festival of Books this weekend.

“The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts” is a story set in her childhood home of Argentina.  The story revolves around a gypsy family who miscast a spell.  Excerpts of the story and images on her website Enilde Ingels-Van Hook.  She even has a short film and reading on YouTube based on “The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts”.

Ginger will be in Booth #715 near Dodd Hall and the School of Law.  She will also have several of her custom hand made books for sale along with copies of her first novel for sale.  If you see her tell her “frazgo” sent you.

More information regarding the Festival Books can be found in Markland’s “Metblogs crashes Festival of Books”.  Follow Metblogs over the weekend for updates, activities and other cool stuff the writers here experience at the festival. 

Photograph used with the permission of “Ginger” and borrowed from her website.