Lost Ducks in Miracle Mile

Do you, or someone you know, have a duck pond in the Miracle Mile area? Did you, or someone you know, lose a mama duck and her 11 ducklings? Because as I was just walking up Genesee toward 8th (north of Olympic), I happened upon the gang trying to cross the street. The ducklings are tiny, maybe a week old–definitely not anywhere close to being able to fly. We can’t figure out where they came from, other than possibly someone’s backyard. Animal services has been called, but don’t anticipate arriving for at least two hours.  The ducks are here.

2 thoughts on “Lost Ducks in Miracle Mile”

  1. FYI, since Tuesday of this week I’ve seen this paddle of ducks right on the corner of Spaulding & Wilshire in the pond in front of the LA Fitness. I’ve seen the Mother Duck before but the ducklings just appeared this week. They are there most of the day.

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