It’s Some Sort Of Bust, Or Something


I got home from work today to find three…no, wait…five…no…SIX police cars quietly parked outside one of the small multi-unit buildings across the street. In the front yard, a few cops were minding four guys in handcuffs. The rest of the police were just kind of milling about, half-assedly glancing in the recycle bins out front. and leaning on their cars.

Of course I was curious as to what the hell was going on. Was I about to wander over and ask? No. I doubted I’d get an answer, and besides, those cops looked busy! Busy…hanging out. Where was the sense of urgency? Where was the combing of the premises? I don’t expect every cop raid to look like TV, but even grow-op busts in Vancouver are less laid back than this! Did I miss all the action before I got home, and, if so, why were there still so many police and cars around? And what the hell was the LAPD helicopter circling around for? I’m used to hearing the helicopter doing a nightly sweep of the area, but that’s usually after dark.

Hopefully, the story will surface on a police website, or a local paper, or something, so I can find out what terrible crime merited six cop cars in a residential neighborhood. Any suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Some Sort Of Bust, Or Something”

  1. Funny Ruth666 and I saw a similar scene played out at Rowena and Hyperion around 1:30 this afternoon. Similar a few blocks further down Rowena before Glendale Ave. Wonder what all that was about too.

  2. You could go down to your local precinct (lapd web site lists locations) and ask to see the crime log. It’s a public record, and they have to let you see it.

  3. Does anyone know where/if you can find the “police blotter” online? I’m thinking of the kind they have in smaller towns that report every kind of petty theft and altercation that results in a police report. Funniest. theng. ever.

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