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Fred Camino at MetroRiderLA reminds us that time is running out to comment on Metro’s plans for the future.

This March Metro asked you to share with them what you Imagine for L.A.’s transportation future. In two days however, the 45-day public comment period will come to a close, meaning you’d better act fast if you want your input on the Long Range Transportation Plan to have an impact.

Metro’s Long Range plan only addresses mobility through the year 2030. Is that enough? Do you think they should be looking at a much bigger picture? You have until tomorrow to let them know.

Tell you what, I’ll make it easy for you. Copy & paste the following and email it to Metro:

Your Long Range Transportation Plan is not enough. The citizens of Los Angeles deserve a world-class transit system that is built on a vision for the future. We want a real map that we can look to as a blueprint for how our great-grandchildren will travel. We want subways to the Westside, the Eastside, the Valley, the beaches. We want a system that runs 24 hours a day with state of the art security. We want trains that run every 10 minutes. We want rail to Dodger Stadium. Century City. LAX. Van Nuys. Burbank. We want seamless integration with Metrolink, Downtown streetcars, and high speed rail to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and San Diego. We want a map that will give us hope, and a timetable that will keep our government honest. We want them to figure out how to pay for it all, because that’s why we elected them. We want a real map, and we want it now.

6 thoughts on “Imagine a Los Angeles Subway System”

  1. The graphs at the very end of the plan are the most telling. They are basically admitting that their plan will have almost no impact on average traffic speeds or air quality. It’s pretty sad.

  2. I think that with energy prices in crisis, this issue calls for a serious march. I’ve seen Angelenos come out in the tens of thousands to demand an end to war and in defense of the rights of immigrants, both important national issues, but isn’t it about time we started getting righteously angry about the crises facing our city itself?

  3. I wrote them weeks ago, even before I posted about the Gold Line here on 4/1.

    The problem with the various plans is so much of it is going to be LA Centric and leave too much of the LA area out or small area specific it won’t have the impact needed. The major E/W and N/S corridors simply aren’t being addressed and therefore won’t have the impact needed.

    The sad part is that is on the books won’t do me any good which leaves me with needing a car, or on show days a light truck (I rent as needed won’t own one of those beasts).

    I do support many of the elements and asked that they once and for all take a broad approach to regional needs so it works.

  4. don’t forget to ask for a monorail system.

    It could be put in on wide median streets where the Red Car used to run, costs less per mile than light rail/subway/busway, and is faster than surface street busses. Mumbai, India can have monorail by 2010, why can’t Los Angeles?

    I also couldn’t find anywhere on their plan that actually said *where* they plan on putting in new bike paths, and if they have any intention of making some major street bike lanes separated from traffic.

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