Win a Pair! Colin Meloy @ The Fonda 04/28!

Colin Meloy of The Decemberists fame, will be playing a solo show at the Henry Fonda Theatre on Monday, April 28th!

To win a pair of tickets, all you, dear reader, need to do is name one of the songs on Colin’s fabulous cover album, “Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey.” If you also happen to name my favorite song, I’ll buy you a drink. I promise, I’ll be honest. Contact me: emily.banneker by using gmail.

Colin Meloy w/ Laura Gibson

Henry Fonda Theatre

6126 Hollywood Blvd.

(323) 464-0808

Ticketmaster Link

UPDATE: Congratulations to Connie, who will be joining the folk-y throngs at the Fonda! For the record, my fave song is “Everyday is like Sunday” which Connie did not name, but she did name “I’ve Changed my Plea to Guilty.” I strongly suggest you all find a copy of the aforementioned album. It nearly outdoes Morrissey’s versions, but please notice, dear reader, I said “nearly”!