64 Worst’s Sweet 16: LAUSD vs. No Metro Service to Dodger Stadium

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Whether you blame it on the Dodger owners or the City of Los Angeles, the incredibly poor effort at providing reasonable mass transportation options up the the stadium is a black eye on the city. Last year the stadium boasted a new “transportation hub” using local radio to direct drivers on how to best arrive at 16,000+ available parking spots, which, according to assorted eyewitness accounts, did little to help accomodate baseball fans who still find themselves in “that peculiar L.A. tradition of arriving in the third inning and leaving in the seventh inning to avoid the jam.” But how about express lanes for buses and shuttles, and other incentives to make public transportation a viable option to get to the stadium? If people are in the bleachers earlier, and stay longer, they’ll buy more hot dogs and beer. If you build it, they will come.

The waste of money on beaureaucratic red tape makes even the most left of liberals consider a school voucher program a more viable option, and our disgustingly high drop out rate makes one wonder why homeschooling isn’t mandatory instead of merely controversial. The Los Angeles Unified School District is such a mangled mess that it’s a constant surprise the public hasn’t cried for its immediate dissolution and a new school system started from scratch. Teachers, aka the heroes that are the heart and blood of schools, are not only underpaid, but due to LAUSD’s poor management of payroll systems, often go unpaid due to “computer errors.” I wonder how many of the LAUSD’s highest paid execs have accidently gone without a paycheck?

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  1. Hands down, no metro service to Dodger Stadium won’t affect our kids and the future of LA so it has to go to LAUSD.

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