I Assure You, Such Power Exists

Following the previous post about an A bomb explosion it only seems appropriate to talk about my favorite landmark in the city. It’s not the Hollywood sign, it’s not Charlie Tuna’s* star on the Walk of Fame (yeah a fake fish has a star a reader has pointed out the star is for the radio legend of the same name, not the cartoon spokesfish) and it’s not even the place where I met my wife for the first time. Those are all great places but they aren’t my favorite place.

You can find out what it is after the jump but here’s a hint…it involves a space robot.

My favorite landmark in all of Los Angeles is the Grey Goose Framing store at 1170 S. La Brea; the one with Gort, the robot from The Day The Earth Stood Still, in the window. You can buy a frame at a lot of places but this is the only place where you can see a replica of the greatest robot in movie history; the robot who came to Earth in 1951 to prevent us from blowing ourselves up, by threatening to blow us up.

Space robots are all about tough love.

Gort @ Grey Goose

Photo courtesy of eazylandish.

17 thoughts on “I Assure You, Such Power Exists”

  1. You know we’re in a recession if Gort’s gotta shill for a framing shop. Well, I guess it’s a step up from being a spokesperson for “Cash Call.” But can someone at least get a swiffer to him and get rid of some of the dust that’s settled before he goes klaatu barada nikto on our ass!?!

  2. I believe the Walk of Fame star is for the legendary Los Angeles radio host Charlie Tuna, not the fish. But I could be wrong.

  3. I’ve lived here long enough to know better BMN100, it’s probably more indicative of the fact that I’ve never listened to much radio. You are correct though, I wasn’t lucky enough to be born here. I am already giving myself a history lesson in Charlie Tuna.

  4. Don’t forget about the glorious Metropolis robot in the window on Main St. in Santa Monica!

  5. Gort! Don’t worry about the fish/radio personality mixup. I don’t listen to much radio here and only know who Charlie is because of a fundraiser he does for my business every year.

  6. Hindinwood, that’s Jadis, with Maria in the window. (Right across from one of my favorite Irish places.)

    Will, you have been to Jadis, haven’t you? It’s only open a few hours a week – Sunday afternoons, I believe. I don’t think they have a website, but here’s the Yelp page:

  7. Chialynn I am very familiar with the Maria in the window. I keep a Metropolis postcard of Maria at my desk for easy hot robot reference.

    Mediaconcepts – Sorry about costing you some eBay bucks.

  8. The REAL Gort (the one from the movie) spent years standing guard in Studio City at Harry’s Cameras, but I here he has moved to Japan
    I found the REAL helmet in the basement of where I was working back in the 80’s – it is now my most precious possession

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