Friends, Angelenos, Hungry Drunk People–Lend Me Your Collective Rage

tacotrucksTHIS IS A TRAVESTY. Taco trucks eliminated in LA?!

While the new law that requires the trucks to move every hour may result in an exciting scavenger-hunt style city rampage for those who enjoy the thrill of the chase, I tell you, THIS SHALL NOT STAND.

“Led by District 1 County Supervisor Gloria Molina, the L.A. Board of Supervisors has pased new restrictions that will effectively eliminate taco trucks from our streets. Under Supervisor Molina’s new rules, taco trucks will have to change location every hour, or face a misdemeanor charge carrying a $1000 fine and/or jail. Yes, jail.

Taco Trucks are a special facet of Los Angeles, and something we don’t want to lose.

Let’s send Gloria Molina and the L.A. Board of Supervisors a message that we cherish our local vendors and don’t want to see them move away. Go to to sign the petition!”

Petition?!? This requires more than a petition. This requires riots in the streets! Class issues, race issues, personal freedoms (shouldn’t I be able to eat on the razor’s edge of tepid mystery meat if I effing want to?) and issues about the diversity of foodstuffs in this city figure into this argument. Please pass the word: a petition isn’t enough. This requires serious media scrutiny & public outrage. Besides, without taco trucks, 1/3 of all LA-based blog subject matter is immediately wiped from the slate!

26 thoughts on “Friends, Angelenos, Hungry Drunk People–Lend Me Your Collective Rage”

  1. First, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, now this. No more fun of any kind!

    I wonder what “change location” actually means, though. Can they get away with the old L.A. parking trick and just roll the truck forward a few inches?

    You know what we need? GoogleTaco.

  2. I’d be happy if they’d drive faster than 8.3 mph and confine themselves to the right/slow lane. Well, that and outlawing stupid songs instead of a few short beeps of their horn.

  3. This IS an outrage! The trucks are an LA institution! Let’s hope they don’t have to resort to drivng around like the ice cream trucks for pete’s sake.

  4. Mierda!! Does this apply to Glendale as well, because the al pastor on this one truck……….

  5. You know that hot new trend of designating “lighting districts” and “sign districts?” What about a Taco District? Imagine being able to travel down Van Nuys Boulevard to dine at the truck of your own choosing!

  6. if they take away my taco zone, yamo burn this place to the ground! isn’t there some amendment to the constitution concerning my drunken rights?

  7. I love taco trucks at least as much as the next person (Surfer Taco, 6th and Columbia, – SO effin amazing), but I also love brick-n-mortar mom-n-pop businesses. And these are the taxpaying locals who say taco trucks are hurting their business. Now, WTF do I know beyond killer carne asada, but “ZOMG CITY HALL IS ELIMINATING TACO TRUCKS LETS POST PITHY STICKERS EVERYWHERE” seems like a less effective solution than, you know, figuring out a way for everyone to coexist. And am I missing something, or is asking the trucks to move every hour a relatively low-impact way to preserve the peace?

  8. I’ve been thinking about this “issue” for a week now. It’s hard for me to feel too bad about the bricks and mortar shops because, 1) they’re everywhere, 2) they’re expensive comparatively speaking, and 3) the slow service at times.

    Let’s take my street, Huntington Dr. There are a lot of restuarants over here and 3 of them are very good. However, if I’m hungry NOW and broke (as always), I’m not going to Hecho in Mexico where it takes 10 minutes to order a drink and another 20 to get the drink, nevermind actually eating your food–you’re looking at 30 – 40 minutes after you walk in the door. I’ll go to one of the taco trucks where I can get tacos and a burrito to feed my entire family under $20 and in 10 minutes. As tasty as Hecho in Mexico is, we’ve never left there with a bill under $75 and usually 2 hours pass us by as we wait and wait and wait to get our bill. Such a shame because it is a very nice, albeit empty, restaurant and the food is good.

    I get the troubles of the bricks and mortar shops and yes, the taco trucks should probably park where there’s less competition for restaurants, like closer to my house…but we must look at this logically too. The taco truck vendors have been taxed, fined and legislated at the whim of the merchants, when do they get a say in how they run their businesses?

  9. I don’t really think they’re talking about table service restaurants here, but places like King Taco that offer food of a similar style and price range as the taco trucks. While I love taco trucks and want them to stick around for sure, I can also see the other side, which is that it costs a lot to maintain a stationary eatery, and it would kind of suck if someone pulled their taco truck right in front of your restaurant and it diminished your business.

  10. Does the new law apply to the City of Los Angles, and all cities within L.A. County, or just the unincorporated sections of L.A.County, like East Los, Basset, Altadena, Hacienda Heights, etc.?

  11. “While I love taco trucks and want them to stick around for sure, I can also see the other side, which is that it costs a lot to maintain a stationary eatery, and it would kind of suck if someone pulled their taco truck right in front of your restaurant and it diminished your business.”

    hindinwood – wouldn’t a better solution to this issue be to just set up a zoning regulations so they couldn’t, for example, set up within 500 feet of a restaurant? Or better yet, the restaurant could do a better job of making the tacos so I will go to the restaurant instead of the taco truck.

  12. I like the taco trucks. Never gotten sick out of one. ‘

    I do understand the small non-restaurant guys point of view as well. These guys are busting their butt trying to make a living too. I’d rather see it set up like Thurmanoliver suggested that way the taco truck isn’t in direct competition but putting up a distance limit and his suggestion of 500 feet is perfect.

  13. I think the 500 ft. rule would be more appropriate. This just isn’t being handled very well I’m afraid.
    As far as quality, it’s probably impossible to offer the same food at the same prices with the overhead of a restaurant. That’s something the owners have to make up for with ambience (El Gran Burrito!)and a kick ass salsa bar. I also have to mention La Estrella on Figeuroa, just because.

  14. People keep on mentioning “City Hall” as the culprit. Since it’s Gloria Molina behind this action the building we should be hurling rotten eggs at is the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration where the county supervisors are stationed.

  15. Just recieved a response from Mrs. Molina’s office today, to wit:

    “Thank you for contacting my office to express your views regarding the
    proposed changes to the Los Angeles County peddling ordinance. Please be
    aware that this ordinance is effective only in the unincorporated areas
    of Los Angeles County.

    The proposed changes to the ordinance allow peddlers to remain in one
    location in a commercial zone for one hour. The current ordinance
    permits 30 minutes in one location. For your information, vending from a
    sidewalk has never been permitted in Los Angeles County. Our ordinance
    will protect the health and welfare of our residents and respect the
    needs of our business community.

    If you require additional assistance with a County-related matter,
    please do not hesitate to contact my office at (323) 881-4601. Thank


    Supervisor, First District”

  16. woohoo we stand corrected its “county hall” not “city hall”.

    That only makes it clear we need a consistent approach to the issue. Both are vialble businesses that need and deserve and equal shot at making a living.

  17. Thank you COUNTY Supervisor Molina for answering my question. So the Trucks on Figueroa, Eagle Rock, Venice, Sunset, Santa Monica, and other parts within the CITY of Los Angeles will all be preserved. Including, and especially this one.

  18. Wouldn’t it be great if people like kids and people as much as they liked tacos? This is major big deal which is great, but you know wow it’s pretty amazing in regards to everything going on in regards to people and rights that this is the thing that really caught on.


  19. Well Browne, I think that’s the thing. While social health programs and children’s advocacy are a separate issue from the taco trucks, one thing is true:

    People DON’T really like kids & people as much as tacos.

    They like tacos better.

  20. Im fine with it. Get rid of the trucks that are killing businesses and making people spill their number twos.

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