Pico & Sepulveda: The Video

And now for something completely different:


Made by SlushoSteve. But where’s that catchy tune from?

12 thoughts on “Pico & Sepulveda: The Video”

  1. You guys are good!

    I first heard it while watching Forbidden Zone over 20 years ago, and to this day I find it’s in my head whenever I pass the intersection.

    Don’t know who did the video, but it’s not bad.

  2. My band covered this once. I personally think “Where nobody’s dreams come true” is once of the best lines ever written.

  3. you know how sometimes you come across some new word or idea and very soon after that you come across it again in some unexpected place? that’s this song for me. just this past week I was looking for songs that mention LA streets and came across the title of this song and listened. I was like “wtf, song, forget you.” but now after seeing this video I can’t. I have to listen to it again. I will probably end up liking it. thanks a lot.

  4. I first heard this on the radio when I first moved to LA and it really was a great intro to this city. I never have been able to find it until now. Much obliged.

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