ICME: Take-out from Mimi’s in Northridge


If I did not work within spitting distance of a Mimi’s I would never go there. It’s not that I dislike their food; it’s just that some of the people who work there are dumb (I was going to say “dumb as… ” something clever, but really they’re just plain dumb). Today’s take out order for myself and several of my coworkers was laborious. You wouldn’t think a person could get confused by the phrase “small dinner salad,” but you would be wrong. And I share with you here the piece de resistance: the “karot razon” muffin containers. I would like to tell you the guy who wrote this was an ESL speaker, but I’d be lying.

9 thoughts on “ICME: Take-out from Mimi’s in Northridge”

  1. Oh dear, you went to Mimi’s? We tried it once. My youngest said it was an old ladies place and asked we never return.

    Doesn’t explain the hurried scrawl on your to-go, just saying kids don’t like the place.

  2. Will Campbell…he’ll be here all week folks…

    And yes, it’s blue-hair-ville all the way at Mimi’s. We’re talking the dark red hat club meets there. But hey, if it’s in Chatsworth and I don’t have to drive to it, it’s totally worth going to in my book.

  3. Yeah, Mimi’s is definitely blue-hair territory, but the food is surprisingly good for a corporate-theme chain restaurant. I’ll go there for the triple-berry pain perdu (cream-cheese-stuffed egg-bread french toast slathered with fresh strawberries and blueberries in a raspberry syrup), the huevos con tortillas, the pot roast with mashed potatoes, the chicken pot pie, and the excellent coffee.

    Now, mind you, the huevos and other Mexican-food offerings are only “authentic” in the sense that they’re about what you’d expect from Mexican food served in a New Orleans Jazz Cafe; and the whole New Orleans/Dixieland/Jazz theme-deco is weirdly at odds with the ’40s big-band vocal standards that are always on the muzak, but, still, it’s a pretty reliable breakfast/comfort-food chain.

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