64 Worst: Lightning Round, Day 2 of 4

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Day 2 of Round 2… click the banner above for additional polls, as if the following four won’t quench your appetite…

Which is worse about Los Angeles:

  • People Who Can’t Drive In the Rain or People Who Talk On Their Cell Phones While Driving?
  • Gang Violence or Segregation?
  • No Respect for Local History or Urban Sprawl?
  • Curb Sneakers or Transplants?

Which is worse? Vote once in each of the following four polls – summaries below.

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People Who Can’t Drive In the Rain vs. People Who Talk On Their Cell Phones While Driving

People Who Can’t Drive In the Rain: This genus has two species: The Slowpoke and the Speed Racer. The Slowpoke will decelerate to 15 mph, even in the carpool or #1 lane. The Speed Racer, in a desire to fill the velocity vacuum left by the first species, will accelerate to 90 mph. When these species literally collide on the freeway, traffic is backed up more than usual and normal drivers like you and me would be better off canceling appointments and staying home. -Ms. Banneker

People Who Talk On Their Cell Phones While Driving: I for one am looking forward to the new laws going into effect on July 1 that ban talking on the cellphone unless it’s handsfree. -Tammara

Gang Violence vs. Segregation

Gang Violence: In 2006 in the City of Los Angeles alone, “272 people lost their lives to gang violence, while over 1,500 people were victims of gang-related shootings. Although overall crime continued to decline for the fifth straight year, gang-related crime increased 14% in 2006. As a result, too many innocent Angelenos live in fear of indiscriminate gang violence resulting from petty disputes over drugs, turf, and revenge.” -from Mayor Villaraigosa’s 2007 Gang Reduction Strategy (.pdf)

Segregation: Its a disappointing admission that a city as diverse as Los Angeles is also plagued with segregation. But while the idea of seperate black, Latino, and Asian communities is well accepted, what may be surprising, albeit obvious, is that its white communities that are the most overwhelmingly segregated of all. -David Markland

No Respect for Local History vs. Urban Sprawl

No Respect for Local History: …Landmark properties are frequently torn down or key aspects renovated beyond recognition while investors await a hefty return, never once concerned about the cultural impact. L.A.’s rich history is rarely respected, and largely unknown. For example, most Angelenos, especially those pesky transplants, unaware that until 1847 L.A. was part of Mexico. -David Markland

Urban Sprawl: …defines Los Angeles, with its hundreds of suburbs, thousands of minimalls, and millions of miles of congested roads, along with resulting blight, as affordable housing and better living conditions move further from wherever they work in the city core. -David Markland

Curb Sneakers vs. Transplants

Curb Sneakers: noun, 1. drivers who speed into the right turn lane at a red lights, then cut back into traffic when the light turns green ahead of the rest of us suckers. 2. bastards, assholes, scumbag alpha males. -David Markland

Transplants: …if it weren’t for all these damn transplants, LA wouldn’t be full of east coasters whining about their precious (Dunkin) donuts. What the heck, transplants? If you miss it so much, GO HOME. And for heaven’s sake, stop planting grass in your yard. Native plants will grow better and make you look like less of a water-wasting ass. -Annika Barranti

One thought on “64 Worst: Lightning Round, Day 2 of 4”

  1. I’m a born and raised Angeleno and I don’t think that LA is as racially segregated as you make it out, I do think it is extremely economically segregated though. I spent four years in Chicago for college and I have to say that as great as Chicago is – THAT is a segregated city. In Chicago you can tell what neighborhood someone is from based on nationality and race. And there is definite prejudice on all sides of the Loop… I’m not saying that there isn’t rampant racism here, but a rich black person is just as welcome as a rich white person at the Beverly Hills BMW dealership. Here there are rich and poor neighborhoods.

    In Chicago, there is a rich black neighborhood and a rich white neighborhood, a neighborhood for Irish folks etc.. and God help you if you’re Mexican in a Puerto Rican neighborhood…

    I’m not saying we don’t have a lot of race issues here, that’s obvious from recent history alone (“illegal” immigrant issues, police brutality, riots, etc…) but I think compared to other cities – Chicago, Nashville, Memphis it’s definitely an issue of social standing and less race…

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