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e eelsreel eelI don’t know about you, but I happen to think Mark Oliver Everett (aka “E” of the Eels) is the sexiest mofo to ever rock a beard. In fact, he was rocking said beard LONG before every Silverlake male started growing one. Few people have borne life’s cruelest slings & arrows (check that life story, yo) with such creative grace. I love his sneer. I love his dirty sullen blues. I love how his writing is so raw and real and broken and bitter and hopeful. Gutter, meet stars. And I love that fucking beard, man.

If you do too, and you want tickets to the sold-out show on the 16th at the El Rey, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Eels song is, and why you love it. We’ll pick the best replies.

“Laying in bed tonight i was thinking
And listening to all the dogs
And the sirens and the shots
And how a careful man tries
To dodge the bullets
While a happy man takes a walk
And maybe it is time to live “

8 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Eels!”

  1. My favorite song is Susan’s House because I think we can all relate to times we have walked through echo park and were offered crack.

  2. I was introduced to Eels by my ex-boyfriend, now best friend, about 4 years ago on our first date. It was love at first listen. I remember feeling that E. introduced songwriting to me from a completely different perspective. My best friend and I are both musicians and I remember telling him – he does things I didn’t know songwriting could do!

    You know – I found it amazingly hard to choose a song. Like you – P.S. You Rock My World is right at the top – along with Climbing To The Moon, Agony, Fresh Feeling, Not Ready Yet, and Daisies of the Galaxy.

    But for today – I’ll narrow it down to Manchild. One of the things I love about E. is the absolute vulnerability in his music. This song manages to break my heart every single goddamn time I hear it. As a compulsive caretaker in all of my romantic and non-romantic relationships, I sympathize with E. in his hunger to just let go, be held, and made to feel that it’s all gonna be alright.

    My best friend and I try to go to every Eels show but our collectively broke asses kept us from the Roxy show. The ginormousity of our love and admiration for this band is immeasurable. I assure you that if you were to choose me for these tickets, you would make two struggling musicians who cite Eels as a major influence ridiculously happy.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity,


    p.s. My best friend’s fave song is Last Stop, This Town.

  3. Favorite Eels song: hands down Climbing To The Moon.
    My first year in college I cried myself to sleep every night listening to it (which is hard to do without your thuggy dormmate hearing you.) I was away from home for the first time, breaking up with my girlfriend, and dealing with emerging mental health problems of my own. That song- like that entire album- is like a really good cry- sad as hell but you feel better in the end.

  4. I would have to say that it’s extremely difficult to pick one Eels song as a favorite because I have so many favorites. It’s a tie for me between The Medication Is Wearing Off and Beautiful Freak.

    The Medication Is Wearing Off – it just makes me feel tingly all over like the song begins to course through my veins every time it plays. I always feel like I’m being let in on a secret when I this song, it’s precious to me.

    Beautiful Freak – this song was pivotal in my adolescence. At the time in my life where I felt so lost and alienated it was as though he sang and spoke directly to me and made it just a little bearable to be on earth. To this day this song holds a tiny piece of my heart as real-estate.

  5. Ok guys, that’s it! Contest closed. Bustard, no reports confirmed on Terri’s stylist tips. We already have a wiener, so if I haven’t contacted you–I am SO sorry I had to choose. I wish I coulda given you all tickets. :\

  6. Thanks for the post, lucindamichele, I hope the winner enjoys the show. I remember Eels on an episode of Loveline back in the day. Classic beardage. It’s A Motherfucker is my favorite Eels song: so heartbreaking and moving, evocative and irreverent, but completely honest in emotion. Plus oboe! Love it.

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