Do Not Rent Your House To This Man

Bret Michaels I think we all learned a valuable lesson this week:

Do not rent your nine million dollar mansion to this aging rocker/reality star. Or, for that matter, to anyone from 51 Minds/Mindless Entertainment. The production company behind many VH1 crap-a-thons seems to have thoroughly messed up the Encino mansion they rented for two months to shoot Rock of Love II. And not in the “someone put a bra down the trash disposal” way, but the “walls are missing” way. The lawsuit, filed in LA Superior Court on April 2nd, specifically refers to removal of walls and doors, the painting of flaming hearts and pink stripes on walls, and deliberately allowing the landscaping to die. (Which, again, could have been the girls pouring their Malibu-and-cokes into the cactus garden. You never know)

Damage estimates are at $380,000 And the punchline is that, according to the lawsuit, the producers had no intention of purchasing the insurance policy they assured the plaintiff they would purchase, to cover any damage done to the house. So the defendants attempted to blame Bret Michaels himself, saying that they did not know what the house occupants might have been doing while alone in the house. Again, hard to do $380K worth of damage, even loaded on “Bret Brew”. So I guess the moral of this story is not so much, “do not rent to Bret”, but “do not rent to production companies”. Let this be a warning to you all with multi-million dollar mansions.

By the way, I admit, I did watch this season. The whole thing. Gleefully. With my friends. But the thing about living in LA is that you never know if the girls are still in the region. One of my good friends spotted a few in the bathroom of a club a few weeks ago, where they were discussing using the promo party they were at as a publicity opportunity. It’s kind of like when a movie production company comes in and unleashes some sort of fauna for special effects, and then doesn’t exterminate afterwards. Which is how you get leftover VH1 reality show stars rampaging around clubs in L.A. – and giant South American cockroaches in middle American college campuses. And zebra-striped walls in $9MM mansions in Encino. Yikes.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Rent Your House To This Man”

  1. Great post. The question I always ask myself is “don’t these homeowners ask what the show is about before signing the dotted line?”

    I mean really, I would have no problem with letting Bobby Flay use my patio for a shoot (not that it is big enough or deluxe enough) but would think twice before allowing a segment of a “jackass” movie or worse done here.

    Yikes is right as things can go very different than planned if you don’t ask questions then monitor what is going on.

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