64 Worst: Lightning Round, Day 1 of 4

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Yes, the series that never ends is now onto round 2. This week we’ll unleash four polls per day, slashing our list again in half, this time from 32 items to 16.

Which is worse about Los Angeles:

  • Scientology or the Paparazzi?
  • Cost of buying a home or the Cost of rent?
  • Gas powered leaf blowers or Parking Tards?
  • Nowhere good to eat after 10pm or the Starbuckification of LA?

Which is worse? Vote once in each of the following four polls – summaries below.

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Scientology vs. the Paparazzi

Scientology: Never mind the creepy greed and cultlike actions of the LRon-ites, these people believe aliens live in their elbows and we are all descended from giant clams… While one might expect that someone claiming that their head cold is a byproduct of body-colonization by space aliens might be directed toward some sort of psychotherapy or at the very least antipsychotic medication, in this town they are given lead roles in blockbusters and rockstar parking spaces. -Travis Koplow

The Paparazzi: …they show no concern for your safety, your neighbors, or your tax dollars. They’ve been documented driving into oncoming traffic, breaking onto private property, and even sneaking onto schoolgrounds. Even if you’re not a celebrity being harrassed by this vile class, city services are being spent to keep things in control. -David Markland

Cost of buying a home vs. Cost of rent

Cost of buying a home: …When LA County’s median income is half of what is needed to buy a median priced home, there is something terribly, terribly wrong. Thankfully the idiots that ruined the market for the rest of us are getting their comeuppance. -Kent Nichols

Cost of rent: The economy is in shambles. Or, as President Bush calls it, in a “slowdown.” The housing crisis has littered the SoCal landscape with signs of foreclosure. Yet, with home prices falling, rents are going up. And half the time, you still have to bring your own refrigerator. -Jason Burns

Gas powered leaf blowers vs. Parking Tards

Gas-powered leaf blowers: …the smoke-belching, earsplitting curse and the single leading cause of Saturday-morning headaches (after alcohol)… Beverly Hills outlawed the nasty little gas-burning machines, Why can’t the rest of greater L.A.? -Mack Reed

Parking Tards: Being a car-centric city parking is important, and when some asshat strolls in and wrecks it for everyone else someone has to take note, someone has to stand up, someone has to speak for the little people and say “You sir/madam are a Parking Tard!” -Sean Bonner

Nowhere good to eat after 10pm vs. the Starbuckification of LA

Nowhere To Eat After 10PM: …If it is past 9:30 there just aren’t that many choices. For late dining there is Canter’s, Kate Mantilini and Swingers. Why can’t decent, interesting, good restaurants stay open past 10? Is there no night life in Los Angeles? What gives? -Julia Frey

Starbuckification of LA: …I refuse to call a “small” coffee “tall.” I just won’t do it… Why do we want the same shops and restaurants in Crenshaw and Van Nuys and Westwood? …I live 11 miles from work and I pass 3 Targets on the way home. Really we could live anywhere if that’s where we’re going to drop our cash… -Travis Koplow

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  1. @ Mack Reed: Where you been, Mack? The use of gas-powered leaf blowers has been prohibited in Los Angeles for 10 years via LAMC section 112.04(c), which states:

    “No gas powered blower shall be used within 500 feet of a residence at anytime. Both the user of such a blower as well as the individual who contracted for the services of the user if any, shall be subject to the requirements of and penalty provisions for this ordinance. Violation of the provisions of this subsection shall be punishable as an infraction in an amount not to exceed One Hundred Dollars($100).”

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