First Look: Materials & Applications’ New Installation


Having officially debuted yesterday, the next in an amazing series of installations to grace 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard is Materials & Applications’ Phalanstery Module designed by Jimenez Lai; a zero-gravity space station that rotates slowly and continually to emphasize an occupant’s involvement with all surfaces. It tripped me the heck out, especially after having sat in it for a few minutes talking with M&A founder Jenna Didier, and in the time that had passed it turned enough where suddenly I noticed the wall I had initially been leaning against was now the floor, yet I had subconciously and incrementally maneuvered myself against the motion to remain upright against the wall that had just been the roof. Whoa.

Can’t wait to go back and check it out at night all lit — the module, not me! Or maybe both of us.

Open April 12 through September. More info at Flickr photoset here.

4 thoughts on “First Look: Materials & Applications’ New Installation”

  1. i always dig the exhibits at that place, another cool one they had was the shell shaped tube that was used to amplify a speaker! it was so rad!

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