A Helpful Hint From The DMV

Yesterday I realized that my driver license is about to expire so I headed over to the DMV website to renew online and I found the instructions amusing, in a very bureaucratic way.

DMV Helpful Hints

That’s right kids, on the DMV website it says that in order to renew your driver license on the Internet you’ll need to have access to the Internet.

I’m not sure if I should be laughing at the silliness of this or be saddened by the fact that the DMV felt this information was necessary.

3 thoughts on “A Helpful Hint From The DMV”

  1. Obviously written for the average intelligence. Spend a few years on a claims desk and you can appreciate how basic you have to write so people will understand it.

  2. i was thinking about the tech writer that has to include that into the documentation, i’ve “dabbled” in tech writing and i would crack myself up with the pure simplicity of it all.

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