Because You Love Voting

I should probably share a little bit about me…I’m a political junkie. I’ve been online since ’88 (shout out to Prodigy!) and I’ve been active in political BBS, Usenet, forums and blogs this entire time. For me it’s not all talk, but action too. I volunteer time and money (when I have them) for campaigns and I try to get people engaged, which brings me to Sunday.

Sunday, April 13, the California State Democratic Party holds elections to vote for the delegates who get to go to the DNC convention and vote for the candidate that will get the nomination for the November elections. Yeah, we have a seriously messed up way of voting and I’m still for dropping candidates on a deserted island with a GPS, dental floss and clay putty or Dance Dance Revolution. Whatever…winner gets to be president and we don’t have to watch 3,498 debates.

If you’re unaware of which district you reside, check on the LA Country Registrar‘s site. There’s even a cool tool to find out who the delegates are for your district. For example, if I look up my old district and Barack Obama, I find 12 people on the list of 138 that I know. Looking up my current district only gives me 7 people total and I don’t know any of them.

The caucus doors open at 2pm and you must be in line by 3pm to vote. You have to be a registered Democrat to vote, but you can register on-site. The elections for delegates are being held in different locations for each candidate. Please click the links below for your preferred candidate:

Statewide Clinton Caucus Locations
Statewide Obama Caucus Locations

So, if you have nothing better to do on a hot Sunday afternoon, why not participate in our special version of democracy?

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