Yummy Westside Food

fooddoor.jpgThere is nothing more straightforward than a place called FOOD. And the food at FOOD is fabulous. The main menu consists of a variety of sandwiches and salads with many vegetarian options. They always have two soups on the menus–“today’s soup” and “yesterday’s soup”–that change daily. The deli case displays various salads made fresh and you can order a two or three item salad plate that comes with greens. They also serve breakfast all day and I highly recommend their granola. Oh and the desserts. Gorgeous brownies (the one I got the other day was still warm), mini palmiers, rice crispy treats, apple tartin, cookies, whatever strikes the pastry chef’s fancy.

FOOD is also a gourmet market selling wine, teas and coffees, chocolates and other handmade candies. They also sell recycled aluminum foil and other green products. If you happen to be down the block at Lazer Blazer and realize you forgot a carton of milk, you can get pick one up here too.

10571 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: 310-441-7770

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My husband and I went to lunch there earlier this week. I was looking for comfort food and ordered the grilled cheese, tomato and bacon sandwich. Mmm, bacon. It was a tiny bit of a myocardial infarction on a plate, but oh so worth it. The better half ordered a better/healthier sandwich, the roast turkey. (Though he did help me with mine…)
I also ordered a side of cold lentil salad, which you can see by the time I took the photo I had already eaten half of it! I think I could have eaten just a large bowl of those lentils.

The owners are usually there to chat with while they work hard to get the customers served. Every time I’ve been in, for lunch or early dinner, there are at least ten other people in there. The word is spreading!

One of my favorite things is the water dispenser. You can order all kinds of beverages from standards like Coke/Diet Coke to Bubble Up to Izze Sodas to various juices and cold teas. But they have this water dispenser full of lemon and mint and just enough ice to be oh so refreshing. And the provide large cups for the water, not just shot glass sized things.

If you need picnic food, this would be a great place to make one. And when it gets to be too hot to cook in the summer, I know I’ll be at FOOD, loving the cold salad plate.

Open from
8am to 8pm Monday through Friday
8am to 5pm Saturday
8am to 3pm Sunday