Archiving Angeles (AA): Rebels of Sunset


Your music is unoriginal. Your mangy hair is unoriginal. Your skinny jeans are unoriginal. You are not the rebellious youth that you think you are. You are a copy of a copy of copy. You are us. And them. And everyone in between. All of this will happen again, as has happened before.

This was the Sunset Strip. The year was 1966.

Photo from UCLA Library Digital Collections

7 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Rebels of Sunset”

  1. Dirty emo hippies. In all seriousness I wonder what it must have felt like to be in LA in 1966. 66 seems, in hindsight, to be point just before the 1960’s became THE 60’S!!!! as we know them today. I suppose I wouldn’t have known that at the time though; 1967 and beyond probably would have seemed pretty sweet if I lived at the time.

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