Groove Armada Rocked City Hall

groovearmada1.JPGSaturday night I finally figured out what City Hall Downtown should REALLY be used for: Cool, outdoor concerts. Groove Armada played on the south lawn in front of the building using the dais in front of the steps as their stage. I have never seen more happy people out on a Saturday night dancing, grinning, enjoying the first taste of Spring. At one point, the crowd flowed and danced up the steps and it was just a blast! They definitely had the fat beats on Saturday night!

4 thoughts on “Groove Armada Rocked City Hall”

  1. Sounds awesome! That space tends to be pretty barren otherwise, so it’s good to see it used. LA tends to get accused of not having street-life and just being an car-swept freeway, so stuff like this ought to help fight that image.

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