Monday Bullets: Good Luck Chuck

  • parade_1961_heston2.jpgUndercover Black Man pays respects to Charlton Heston. Before he marched for guns, he marched for civil rights.
  • If you’re a writer in L.A., you should be reading Ken Levine. His latest post tells you what kind of spec scripts to write. He also earns bonus points for referencing Dharma & Greg.
  • Jessica Stover is making movie history by taking the studio out of the picture. Follow the production from start to finish, and become a part of Artemis Eternal as a Wingman for as little as $1.
  • Kelly Bakst plays night golf at Porter Valley Country Club, with light up balls, glow sticks, and booze. In Florida, we called that a “rave.”
  • And internet angry man Tony Pierce has more news than you can shake a stick at. He blogs that the world-renowned Los Angeles Times, who just retracted their entire story on the death of Tupac, aims for another Pulitzer with… a pet blog. A blog about pets. Pets and their poop. Subscribe today!