Another LA Stray Looking for a Home

IMG_6192.JPGWhile I may have been unsuccessful in trying to find Benito a hospitable indoor location to call home, you can’t fault me for coming back, hat in hand, to try to find a home for this darling little number. Benito, handsome bastard that he is, is the scion of a stray colony that lives on the property behind us. In an effort to get the ever escalating feline situation under control, we’ve started working with Best Friends Catnippers, who run a trap-neuter-return program in association with the otherwise-almost-useless LA Animal Services. Catnippers provides traps, volunteers (i.e., me) do the trapping, and the Catnippers clinic at LAAS’s North Central shelter provides no cost neuter/spay services as well as vaccinations and flea control. A much more humane and long-term solution to controlling feral colonies than euthanizing otherwise healthy animals en masse. Catnippers also offers low-cost spay/neuter clinics for regular owners, as well as vouchers for discounted services at vets city-wide.

The thing is, unlike the rest of the skittish strays in the colony, junior here is just dying for a loving owner. He’s beautiful, soft and super, super affectionate. The added bonus for you, potential adopter, is that he’s also already fixed and has had his first set of shots (though they don’t include FIV and feline leukemia vaccinations). If you think you might have a home for this young man, who I think is about nine months old, drop me a note in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Another LA Stray Looking for a Home”

  1. I’m very interested in having this little guy as a roomate. I’ve been thinking about adopting a stray cat. And you’re right – he is wicked wicked cute. Let me know what’s up when you have a chance. – thanks

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