OMG Candy “cigs” are still around!


I couldn’t believe I saw those things again.  I can’t remember how long it has been since I  last saw them.  I honestly thought they were not longer made. 

I was wrong, Andrea Robles owner of Scoop’s said she had so many customers asking for them she had to track down a source.  She scored pay dirt, more after the jump.

Bubblegum variety…


Even scored on the hard to find chocolate “cigarello”…


Of course they have a bajillion other kinds of candy in the shop.  Ice Cream too.  Which is why we were there. 

My youngest wanted his last big birthday party there so we indulged.  Actually it’s a pretty affordable way to go for a kids party when you do the Ice Cream Sundae bar with a grab bag of candy for the way home.  I’d advise walking like we did as those 10 blocks do burn off a lot of extra sugar.

Scoop’s, 120-A East Lemon Ave (1/2 block east of Myrtle), Monrovia CA 91016  626-359-4480

8 thoughts on “OMG Candy “cigs” are still around!”

  1. When I become normal, I’m moving to the SGV. I’m going to have a kid simply for the purpose of having a birthday parties at a candy store. There was a candy store in Silver Lake on Hyperion, but it seems to be gone now.


  2. “Browne, who said you weren’t normal?” fragzo

    Everyone, but I’m working on it. I’ve got a book idea for my home planet.

    I’m going to start renting out Family Ties and the Cosby Show from the Central Library and learn the ways of the normal people. After learning their mannerism I will then infiltrate their club by getting married and having a child and joining the PTA. In about 40 years, I’ll pretend to die and then I will go back to my planet of Abnormala I will then go on the talk show circuit to promote my book during my time living normally.


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