What’s Weird, Los Angeles?

Joe Oesterle, writer of one of my favorite books about Los Angeles, “Weird California,” contacted me recently to tell me he’s now working on “Weird Hollywood.”

His deadline isn’t for a few weeks, and while it sounds like the book is full of some awesome gems, he’s still looking for any unusual, rarely heard stories about Hollywood and vicinity to include. I suggested the Garden of Oz, the Bat Man of Sunset, and steered him in the direction of Esotouric, which to me is “Weird Hollywood” on wheels.

If you have any suggestions, drop Joe a line (joe at joeartistwriter dot com) and/or check out his website. Or leave them in the comments here – mainly because I’m too impatient to wait for the scheduled May 2009 release of his book.

One thought on “What’s Weird, Los Angeles?”

  1. Coincidentally, I’m midway through reading this book. It’s fun and sensational but not a text I would use as a historical reference or anything. I do have some stories for him and I’ve been wondering (just today!) how to contact him. Thanks for the timely post!

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